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Thursday, December 1, 2011

All About Flowers Series

Hello my scrapping friends,

I am really enjoying my All About Flowers class over at My Creative Classroom.  This week was all about rolled roses and rosettes. I am finishing up with the All About Flowers Series, and it has been a lot of fun learning new techniques.

 In this week series we I used Ribbon & Trims, Rolled Ribbon Rose and Crepe Paper.
Rolled Ribbon Roses

Twisted Crepe Paper Roses

-Roll one end of the ribbon into a tube, about 3 layers of ribbon thick. Add a small drop of hot glue to secure placement.
- Fold the ribbon to the outside and start wrapping around the tube. Continue folding back the ribbon every 1/2 turn or so. You should see the rosebud starting to form. You can add a drop of hot glue in between hold back if you want. -Continue to the end of the ribbon
-Turn the rose over and secure the back with hot glue, putting glue under the folds if need be
-Add gems or buttons to the center to spice it up if you want

Doily Rosette

-Thread needle
-Tie both ends together doubling the thread and tie into a knot twice.
-Start doing a running stitch 1/16th a inch from the edge about ¼ inch apart
-Continue the running stitch the whole length of the lace you can push the lace back on thread while continuing the length of the lace.
-Tie the two pieces together and gather tightly
-Continue the gathering and make sure to keep your stitch evenly spaced out.
-Add center ribbon bow, pearls or rhinestones gems you could 

Wired Ribbon Rosette

Stiff Grosgrain Ribbon, and 1 yard
Glue Gun
Crepe Paper-2 different colors
Lace with a scallop edge 8 inches
Satin ribbon ¼ inch for the bow.
Gem or Ribbon
Wire Cutter

I hope you enjoy. If you have any questions send me a quick email


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