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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

TJ Family Reunion Souvenir Tumblers

Hello my crafty friends,

Today I am sharing a quick project made for one of my scrapping sistah Treva.  Her family will be attending the Tom Joyner Family Reunion and I wanted to make a souvenir for her.

For these tumblers I used the printable vinyl and applied over-laminate for the logo.  I absolutely love the printable vinyl for multi-layered projects. It is easy peasy, just create your design on your computer, print on on inkjet printer and apply to object.  The over-laminate protects your design and gives it a nice glossy finish.

I designed the names in MTC and cut the names using outside vinyl (oracle 651) and my Zing.

Treva and family have a blast on your trip.

I hope you enjoyed.  If you have any questions please feel free to email me.
Thank you for stopping by.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Tricycle Diaper Cake

Hello my crafty friends,

I cannot believe September is knocking on the door, the days and weeks just have escaped me.  I have been finishing up a few projects that I want to post.   Today I am sharing another diaper cake, tricycle cake I made for my friend’s daughter. Congratulations Courtney and Dominque, the baby made his debut right after the baby shower, two weeks early.  I guess Prince Dominque was ready to enjoy his new toys..lol

The color theme was lime green, blue and brown with monkeys.  My sister Athena and I had had a lot of fun with this diaper cake.   The monkey on the tricycle is just too cool..lol  

To make the diapered tricycle, I used 36-Size 3 diapers, paper towel roll, rubber bands and ribbon.  I rolled 18 diapers starting at the waist/elastic end tightly roll the diaper up secure rubber band around the middle of diaper.  I made 3 wheels using 6 rolled diapers and 6 flat diapers, paper towel roll and medium size rubber bands.

Place the medium size rubber band around the paper towel roll. Then insert 6 rolled diapers around the roll. 

Then take 6 flat diapers and layer the around the rolled diapers in a spiral pattern and secured with ribbon.

Then I threaded two pipettes through the back wheels to help support the exhaust pipe and threaded a rolled blanket through the front wheel to make the exhaust pipe.  I took the pipettes and wrapped it around the blankets to secure it in place.
Then I threaded blanket through the front wheel to make the handle bar. 

Then I placed a sippy cup for the head light, socks on the handle bar and the ends of the exhaust pipes, bottle cleaners as flags, and folded blankets for the seat.

For the diaper cake tiers I used:
Top layer-newborn diapers (60), Middle layer-Size 1 (60) Bottom layer-Size 2-3(70) with rolled lollipop towels and rolled sock rosebuds and monogrammed. 

More Goodies personalized t-shirts and diaper wipe case

For Diaper Cake
- (2) 14’ Cake bottom
-Rolled Diapers (newborn, size 1, size 2 and size3)
-Rolled Baby Towel
-Rolled Baby Blanket
- Rolled Baby Socks and Socks
-Sippy cup
-2 Bottle cleaners
-Teething rings
-Treat bags (small and medium)
-Lollipop sticks
-Paper towel roll
-Heat Transfer Vinyl (various colors)
-Cricut Create a Critter
-Wipe Case
--Vinyl ( blue)

I hope you enjoyed.  If you have any questions please feel free to email me.
Thank you for stopping by.

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