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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

All About Flowers Series

Happy Cyber Monday!!!  There are a lot of good deals and steals out there.  I hope you lock up your wallets..lol.  Well for me. I had to put myself on timeout on Black Friday.   I cannot wait to get started on my Christmas decorations.  It is truly my most favorite holiday. 

I have taken a few classes over at My Creative Classroom and have a couple more to go.  I am finishing up with the All About Flowers Series, and it has been a lot of fun learning new techniques.

In this series, we created flowers from Tissue Paper, Crepe Paper and Coffee Filters.

Tissue Paper Flower

another version from a diaper cake I made
-Fold one large piece of tissue paper in half 6-7 times to create several layers
-Place the spellbinder scallop die and tissue paper through your die-cutting machine (I used my cuttlebug) to cut out your scallop shaped tissue paper
-Staple (or place a small brad) in the center of the circles, this will help hold your layers together.
-Starting with the top layer, crumple the layers upwards. Crumple one layer at a time, gathering it in the center of the flower.
-Fluff the scallop circles until you get the desire fullness.

Crepe Paper Flower

Full rosette with 5 strips
-Thread the needle with at least 24” of thread & tie a knot at the end.
-Cut 2-3 strips of crepe paper-about 1 yard each
-Layer/align your crepe paper together
-Starting as close to the edge of the crepe paper as possible, stitch a running stitch down the entire length of the crepe paper.**Note** The stitches should also be the same size. Some
- Pull the knotted side of the string to give you enough string to tie a knot with the other side of the string (needle side). Tie a knot with the two ends of the thread. As you pull the knot tighter the crepe paper will fold into a circular rosette shape.
-Cut any excess thread or crepe paper 

Coffee Filter Flower

Tissue paper Flower
Tissue paper
• Thread and needle
• Stapler
•Spellbinder Scalloped
Crepe Paper Flower
Long needle-Doll Needles
• Craft thread
• Crepe paper (at least one yard long)
Coffee Filter Flower
8-10 white coffee filters
Staples and Stapler
Glue gun
Glue Stick
Spritz spray paint

I hope you enjoy. If you have any questions send me a quick email

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