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Monday, February 28, 2011

Stylish Blog Award! Thank You!!

I received this cute Stylish Blog award from Dorothy (Dakota Bear) at http://alwayslivemorescrapping.blogspot.com/.  I have been scraping friends with Dakota Bear over at Sistas Scrap Too and Scraps of Colors for a while now. She is extremely sweet and supportive; I love her creations and family stories.  Thank you Dakota Bear.

Now I need to write 8 things about myself. And pass this award onto 8 other bloggers.  So here it goes.

1.I am a wife to Hollis, we will be celebrating our 10th year anniversary in June
2.I am a loving mother to a 23yr son, Antoney and  I have 8 Godchildren ages 24yrs-3yrs
3. I have four cats (Monty, Smokey, Precious and Raven) and have a salt-water aquarium
4. I love vacationing in Orlando family.  I have not missed a year since 1998
5. I have been dabbling with crafts and scrapbooking for 12* years. I love everything about it, and I love trying new ideas or techniques

6. I am a shopaholic (scrapbooking stuff and Coach bags are my poison)

7. I always have a camera; I am the go to person in my family for old and new pictures
8. I love everything about African American culture (music, movies, TV, theater, art, books and poetry)

The 8 blogging sites I have found interesting in the last couple of weeks.

Thanks again Dorothy,
Thank you for stopping by


  1. Hi Netta, congratulations on your Stylish Blog award and you definitely have an awesome blog filled with the coolest of crafts. I'll have to become a follower! Thank you for choosing my challenge blog as one that is stylish - so nice of you! Thank you, thank you, thank you! :-)

  2. Thanks for the award..I must thank all the little people and the academy as well!!! LOL

    Thanks Nettta


  3. Congrats Netta! I have a Stylish Blogger Award for you too!


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