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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Orlando Vacation Kickoff

Hello my crafty friends,

I am kicking off my Orlando Family Vacation for 2012.  My family and I have made this our family vacation tradition for the past 12 years. We use to drive from Boston to Orlando; I wanted to have the special quality time.  I soon learned taking a quick 3hr flight instead of 24hr drive equal time as we had more time to relax on vacation.  This vacation is like Christmas in the summer, I absolutely love watching my family laugh, eat and play with no worries of this world.

Every year I always say I am going to pack light, and every year I pack more. Recently I have travel with my scrapping supplies to hang out by the pool to make to complete some projects, well it has become my husband’s nightmare when he see me pull out the scrapping luggage..lol.

pink and white polka dots bag is one of the scrapping bags
black duffy bag in front is the second scrapping bag..OH MY..
 I found it funny (maybe not) that TSA inspected BOTH my scrapping bags.  What do they thing I am going to do with a glue gun, paper or inks...scrap..lol

The Rental house is absolutely beautiful, great scenery and activities for all ages.


I hope you enjoyed, have a great day.   I am ready to kick this vacation off.


  1. Girl that house is awesome! I am not sure if I would want to leave! I so want to make it to Orlando one day...I know we could not drive though LOL! Until then, I will enjoy the photos you share! Love it...and the story about DH

  2. This Rental house is very beautiful, great scenery, equipped with all modern facilities and perfect place for you and your family to stay and enjoy your vacation.

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