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Monday, June 25, 2012

Orlando 2012 T-Shirts

Hello my crafty friends,

I am sharing t-shirts I made for my Orlando trip.
I have to admit it was a love-hate relationship with my new KNK Zing.  I have to use both Expression 2 and Zing to complete the job.  With that said, the Zing beat the Expression 2 hands down with the more intricate cuts that I used on Shamu. 

By the end of making the tshirts, my understanding and learning curve for the Zing definitely improved.

I tried the JetPro transfer paper on this t-shirt.  The process is quicker to create and produce the t-shirts. 
Sorry this is blurry, will post clearer picture

I will be posting the group pictures of the t-shirt as the trip proceeds.

Blank Gildan t-shirts (black, iris, gold color)
VideoOne Transfer Vinyl (varies colors)
Siser Easy Weed Vinyl (varies colors)
KNK Zing 
JetPro Soft Stretch Ink Jet Transfer Paper
Heat Press Machine

I hope you enjoyed, thank you for stopping by


  1. You are rockin' those shirts girl! I am happy you are learning your Zing...are you going to keep your Cameo? It is so easy to use!!

  2. Yes you are rockin those T Shirts maybe I need a new machine(lol)


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