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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tye Dye T-Shirts

 I started this post in July and did not have to chance to finish it.  I have made three different types of t-shirts this summer, Tye-Dye, Heat Transfer Vinyl and Silk Screen. 
Here is my Mickey’s Tye-Dye Tshirt

Recipe used:
Prewashed T-shirts
Tulip One Step Tye Dye Kit (blue, red, yellow, green, black, purple and fushia)
Plastic gloves (some comes in kit)
Rubber bands (some comes in kit)
Wax dental floss
Cricut Mickey Font Cartridge
Freezer paper
Rubber bin
Plastic bags

Mickey Mouse Head Tye-Dye:
1. Pre-washed t-shirts without detergent or fabric softener
2. Cut freezer paper Mickey Head from Mickey Font Cartridge to trace outline
3. Next, used wax dental floss to sew around the center of the t-shirt

4. Next, pulled the dental floss tightly; for a clear and well defined, puckered Mickey shaped head (picture)
5. Next, placed rubber bands underneath the Mickey head to get a good border around Mickey’s head
6. Soaked the T-shirts in cold water for 6hrs (you can soak with soda ash and soak overnight)
7. Next, squeeze out the water and spread t-shirt out on table with Mickey’s head facing up
8. Next, taking the Mickey’s Head in hand, twist the t-shirt similar to a circular (cinnamon) bun. You may have to straighten out tsirt while you are twisting.
9, Once the t-shirt is in a circular bun, place rubber bands to hold in place (this will also make designs from the dye). I used four rubber bands per t-shirt
10. Next, turning the t-shirt upside down, first tye-dye the Mickey head black staying away from sectioned off rubber bands
11. Next, place t-shirt down, using multiple colors, tye-dye the rest of tshirt following the direction of circular bun
12. Separately wrapped sealed each t-shirt and placed in rubber bin for 24hrs

13. After, achieving the desired colors, I rinsed out t-shirts with cool water.  Rinsed Mickey Head (black dye) first to prevent contamination, then rinsed out the rest of dye
14.  Then, separating like colors, run them through the washing machine on cold water cycle. I placed an old towel in the wash to pick up any excess dye.
15. Lastly, allow each t-shirt to air dry

I will discuss the Heat Transfer (iron-on) vinyl in next posting,

Hope you enjoyed, and thank you for stopping by,

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